Continuing Her Father's Legacy with Help From Scholarship

By: Lisa Kelley
April 3, 2019

People are rarely aware of the sacrifices military families make.

 “When I was eight years old, my father was killed in action in Iraq. His unit was in a combat situation and he was trying to protect his team.  That’s when he was killed.”

Penn State senior Taylor Baum knows what it is to serve and sacrifice. Last year, Taylor received a Heroes’ Legacy Scholarship to pursue her degree, double-majoring in biology and electrical engineering.  

“The ambition to go to college has always been there. Going to college was something that was a very unsure thing. The only reason I’m even able to go to college is because of scholarships like Fisher House Foundation’s Heroes’ Legacy Scholarship Program.”

The Heroes Legacy Scholarship is an undergraduate college scholarship for children of service members who have died or become 100 percent disabled through active military service.

“The scholarship program is something where years later we come back into Gold Star families’ lives, and we tell them once again how important their family’s service is to this country,” said Dave Coker, president of Fisher House Foundation, who administers the Heroes’ Legacy Scholarship. “By helping them get an education, it’s going to make a difference in their future.” 

This school year, the program awarded over 400 scholarships to these deserving students. 

Education allows Taylor to continue her father’s legacy. “I believe that my dad would be extremely proud of where I am. I have not only gotten to a place where I have studied incredible subjects. I’m doing things that they hoped I would do and that they believed I could do. I hope to protect people and serve people and help people just like my father did.”