2019 Fisher House Foundation Volunteer of the Year

By: Quinn Kiger-Good
April 11, 2019


As a Fisher House manager, I have learned over the past seven years, that volunteers constantly come and go. Not everyone a deep passion for a life mission of serving others. When you find these rare people, you can feel their energy, compassion, humility, and love towards others.

I feel lucky and honored, each day, that I have found that person. Christopher Scott has been volunteering since the day we opened our doors. He and his wife, Dolores, have prepared and served dinner once a month for the past 7 years; never missing a month. In addition to always serving a phenomenal dinner, they also bring the most pertinent items on our wish list to donate. All this using their own money. They have served over 2,100 individuals.  They have put in over 840 hours of volunteering combined and have donated over $10,000 with the dinners & donations.

One of the most unique and special things that stands out about Chris is that he continues his work even when he is volunteering. He has talked, on average, to over 100 veterans and their spouses about VA benefits while they are cooking in our kitchen. On average he fills out at least one form related to compensation during each dinner resulting in about 50 benefit claims. He has expedited over 10 claims for our terminally ill families.

He has gotten the Corner Bakery to provide us with food every Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. I have picked these wonderful baked goods up three times a week since we opened. The guests are so happy to have fresh bagels, pastries & cakes first thing in the morning.

I truly can not thank Chris & his wife enough. Their passion and love for our families is overwhelming.  Their “mom and pop” approach allows our families to feel very comfortable with them. They engage each family member as though they are their own.

The following is an email that we received from Chris after thanking us for allowing him to volunteer. This email shows how much passion Chris has for our Fisher House and the guests who call it home:

“I remember Dolores and I talking to a couple at the Fisher House.  The veteran in his mid-40s and wife had just had a new little baby. The veteran was coming to our hospital because he had interstitial lung disease and was getting things checked. We had a nice meal with everyone at the house and the following Monday the wife came into my office and we talked about benefits. Several months down the road the spouse again came to my office but this time in tears. Her husband had an infection that wasn’t going away and was in-patient here at the VA. For the next 2 weeks, or so, I continuously went to the room to check on the spouse and the veteran. I was there within 20 minutes after the veteran passed away and remember the spouse in tears as I could be there for her. She was terrified. We walked around the outside of the hospital and I explained to her the different things that she would not have to take care of alone. That I would help her along the way if she needed. She told me she just wanted to go home.  I told her that there were some things that needed to be done first and then she would be able to travel home. I’ll never forget when she turned to me and said “I just want to go to the Fisher House. That’s been my home for a long time.” I was grateful to be there when she needed me the most. After so many dinners coming to the Fisher House, it is a part of our lives; it’s what we like to do. Sometimes laughingly we say it’s our date night because it gives us a chance to spend a night together doing what we enjoy doing and serving others. We wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Chris is one of the most selfless and humble people I have ever met and continues to go above and beyond. His consistent dedication is an asset to our home and most importantly to our families.